We Create Value

We create the preconditions for qualitative changes


  • Creation of holistic concepts for the long-term development and transformation of business,
  • Support for the implementation of the developed concepts,
  • Ongoing study and development of management teams.

Key directions

Educational SpaceWe design and implement study programsDetails
Support for Implementation of DecisionsWe develop and implement transformation strategiesDetails
Transformation PortalWe reveal hidden knowledgeDetails


We work with top executives of companies and organizations:
Business ownersWe are partners in strategic thinking: we create an environment of discovery to reveal the idea of strategic choice and develop a value proposition for the selected client.
Top managersWe are the initiators of an environment of change: we help to form and develop teams dedicated to change to enable implementation of the created concepts.
Transformation teamsWe play a leading role in the process of change.


for 2022


Volodymyr Pavelko

Founder of the Value Creation Company TransformWISE. Member of the Supervisory Boards of international and Ukrainian companies. He has experience in the teaching of strategic disciplines at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (Ukraine), Leon Kozminski Academy (Poland, Belarus), Magellan Institute (France). The author of study programs on transformational changes for public and private sector companies.

His basic higher education is in the fields of philology, jurisprudence, and finance in Ukrainian institutions. He then studied at the IMD (Switzerland), the Institute of International Relations, IBR Steinbeis University of Berlin (Germany), IMTA Bled School of Management (Slovenia), Adizes Institute (the USA).

Areas of professional development: leadership, transformational change, anthropology.

Today, Volodymyr focuses on creating conditions for the development of Ukrainian companies to increase their level of competitiveness.

Andriy Nazarenko

Co-owner of the Value Creation Company TransformWISE, founder of FS-Group, Information Security Group, an expert in the field of information security and cybersecurity.

For more than ten years he has been actively developing the field of information security and cybersecurity not only in Ukraine but also in the international context.

Focused on professional business management, finance and sales, he has practical experience in investigating and preventing cyberattacks.

He is the author of the study course “Global Digitalization and Cyber ​​Security Risks” at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (kmbs).

A graduate of the Presidents’ MBA at kmbs, he is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University, Executive Education Program for CISO.

Oksana Dautova

Study programs leader in the Value Creation Company TransformWISE.

She has experience of teaching in higher education, and working in international business schools in administrative positions.   Her basic higher education is in the field of philology.

She has also studied at the Institute of International Relations, IBR Steinbeis University, Berlin, obtaining a Global MBA.

Areas of professional development: leadership and change.

Daria Pantyo

Specialist in marketing, publishing and creation of print and digital content.

Has experience in creating, typesetting and filling printed products, editing designer sites, working with social media resources from the point of view of marketing.

She received her professional education in the field of journalism, namely publishing and editing at the Zaporizhia National University. She also improved her qualifications through online courses in the specialty of digital marketer at the online school of digital technologies Superludi.