May 27-28, 2022

DTEK Academy: Study Process during the War

On May 27-28 TransformWISE was acting as an intellectual partner for DTEK Academy in the 10th module of the Energy of Innovation MBA program. The module focused on organizational change and leadership in this context.

Participants together with Volodymyr Pavelko considered the model of Transformational Leadership, its integral four elements:

  1. ability to create an exciting vision and the ability to communicate it to the team
  2. take responsibility in difficult situations and act as a role model for others
  3. to develop partners through the method of intellectual stimulation
  4. choose an individual approach when interacting with the team representatives

The implementation of the model was illustrated by the influential case «Leadership through Uncertainty», based on the experience of the conquest of the South Pole by British researcher Ernest Shackleton.

This module at DTEK Academy became the final in the program and emphasized DTEK’s managerial endurance to complete the work started.


Academy DTEK was founded in 2010 to achieve a strategic goal — the selection and development of DTEK future leaders who will fill 80% of internal management positions. From that time Academy has transformed into an open educational platform with innovative approaches, non-standard formats in educational projects and advanced foreign practices.