30 MARCH 2023

The Apogee of “SOPHOS. JOINT. CYBER”

The Final Sixth Module of the Strategic Leadership Program for Ukrainian Managers in Cyberspace “SOPHOS. JOINT. CYBER”.

In history, there are many examples of how the joint efforts of many different people achieved incredible results. We are leading to the fact that thanks to the program of special intellectual operations in cyberspace there are many more people creating the future, enabling effective interaction in the formation of a free country. Because victory is where there is harmony – “Ibi victoria, ubi concordia”.

“Sophos. Joint. Cyber. – Wise. Common. Management in Cyberspace”. This is a learning environment for representatives of the public and private sectors involved in creating joint strategic solutions in cyberspace.

For six months, we implemented the program together with philosophers, thinkers, creative personalities, volunteers and partners of GC3 – representatives of CDAC (Cyber Defense Assistance Collaborative).

Each of the participants made a unique contribution to the creation of prerequisites for the development of the cyber security ecosystem of Ukraine.

The idea of “SOPHOS. JOINT. CYBER” was aimed at thinking as a whole, managing imaginary boundaries, being in a state of strategy, thinking in models, building ecosystems and relationships, creating metaphors and narratives, thinking as a citizen, initiating changes that meet development criteria, finding the human in the human, and also form non-linear and asymmetric solutions.

The author of the program is the Global Center for Cooperation in Cyberspace (GC3) with the support of the National Coordination Center for Cyber Security (NCCC). The TransformWISE agency acted as an intellectual partner in the creation of this program.

The National Cyber Security Coordination Center (NCCC) is a working body of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. The Center should ensure the coordination of the activities of the national security and defense entities of Ukraine during the implementation of the Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine, increase the effectiveness of the state administration system in the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of cyber security.