January 31, 2022

The Project on Development of a Long-Term Strategy for Atmosphere Has Been Completed

On the last day of January, the team of the energy company Atmosphere together with the Value Creation Company TransformWISE met for the fourth time to complete the work on the strategic  development of their company in the long term .

This time,  top managers together with the owner of the company  completed  work on the conceptual level of the strategic plan and moved on to the development  of the ecosystem strategy. Together with the participants of the session, we  found strategic alliances that create added value in the product of Atmosphere for key clients.

Oleksiy Badika, the owner of Atmosphere, said: “Working with the help of the ecosystem approach has given the company an opportunity to understand the cornerstones of product development and the interaction of players who are willing to work with us in a conscious partnership. We are confident that we will now be able to provide more value to our clients and consumers.”

Atmosphere is a leader in the distribution of  equipment and energy efficient solutions in the field of renewable energy in Ukraine