May 16, 2022

Caparol: Providing New Customer Needs

Leaders seek their own coordinate system based on inner beliefs and values. One of the rethought values ​​of Caparol Ukraine is: «We will not rest until all Ukrainians LIVE and WORK in healthy, well designed, efficient and sustainable buildings».

Today’s context raises the requirements and we are looking for new management solutions. In order to identify new customer problems and create added value for them in today’s reality of Ukraine, we met with the key team of Caparol Ukraine.

The results of the interaction were:

  1. identification of new customer roles and the products needed for them;
  2. awareness of wider interaction with partners, existing and new, to convey this value;
  3. creating a value net in an updated business ecosystem.


Caparol Ukraine – leader in working with significant architectural structures in the world and in Ukraine in particular. In addition to well-known facilities, Cararol products are actively used in the construction of private cottages, hotels, clinics, multi-storey residential buildings and industrial buildings.