December 20, 2021

Developing of Metavsesvit for a Creative Company Art Nation

“Content has no boundaries. It’s like a universe that is always looking to expand. ”  – Eduard Akhramovich, a general producer of the creative company Art Nation, who took part in the strategic session on December 20, is convinced of this. The Value Creation Company TransformWISE acted as a strategic thinking partner.

Edward’s name is not as popular as the Metavsesvit brands he created: GAPCHINSKA, Prima Maria, Cossacks, Goose, Dyvooo, Evil Girl, Captain Wrungel and Treasure Island. Among the partners of his company are the heirs of the artist Maria Primachenko, Ukrainian show business stars Olga Polyakova and Oleg Vynnyk, large national networks ATB-Market, Epicenter, Watsons, Allo, Danone, Vitmark, Biosphere and many others.

His main skill is to find talents and monetize them as much as possible. And at the same time create a unique wow product with excellent value for money. Talent management at Art Nation is not to reduce the price, but to increase it at the expense of additional emotional value for consumers who will receive a unique customer experience. The principle of selection of such wow content – a positive hero “with a human face”, which is already popular, or rising to the wave of popularity (stars transformation). And here it is very important to feel this talent and react quickly.

Together with TransformWISE ARTNATION.GLOBAL was able to jointly formulate key strategic concepts:

  • Strategic plan, which unfolds the idea of ​​creating METAVSESVIT;
  • Strategy of creating customer value of certain customers in ecosystem interaction;
  • A business model is built.

ART NATION is an international company specializing in effective marketing solutions, a leader in brand licensing, animation production, AR content and loyalty promotions. The company provides creative and emotional content in 360 °, integrates it into a wide range of marketing services – product licensing, loyalty programs, own brand, promotional campaigns and more.