25 MAY 2023

The Second Module of the “School of Strategizing” program

Leadership as a prerequisite for a flourishing strategy was the topic of the second module of the program for Ukrainian managers and owners of management companies. The study program took place in Odesa on May 19-20.

On the examples of cases of Ukrainian companies, the participants considered:
– subjectivity and ability to judge: influence on the development and implementation of a decision from one’s own “I”;
– manager’s imagination, as the capability to encode the multiplicity of information into agreed symbols and models, followed by conscious action;
– development of the capability to think systematically: to understand the existing relationships and be able to build (un)obvious alliances that accelerate the movement towards the goal.

There was also an interaction with the philosopher Oleksandr Filonenko, who discussed the topic of metaphor as an act of strategizing and subjectivity and management decisions.

The author of the program is Volodymyr Pavelko, founder of the intellectual agency TransformWISE, co-founder of the Global Cyber Cooperative Center (GC3), teacher of the courses “Strategic Leadership” and “Modeling of Management Systems”, member of the supervisory boards of international and Ukrainian companies.