We develop study products in the areas of leadership, strategy and transformational change. We advance  a new level of management together with the owners, top managers and thought  leaders of a company. We learn through the case method and interactive lectures.


We create a learning environment in which we study and comprehend various leadership concepts (strategic, transformational, ethical leadership and others). As a result, a  manager must develop his own model in order to implement the strategy of a company.


We explore different approaches to strategies through management cases, study the experience of the success and failures of other companies, and finally go on our own development path – the strategic choice of the organization.


Through learning, we arrive  at a holistic understanding of a client and product strategies, strategies for creating key processes and strategies for complexity and ecosystem approaches.

We study and develop the concepts of organizational transformation with a focus on a  cultural approach and ways of providing organizational support during  the process of change.

Study programs

Program formats

Corporate Programs

We develop strategic level study programs for the needs of a specific client. Only agreed representatives of the company can take part in the program. The program is implemented through a module format (1-3 days in the module). The goals, duration and intensity of a study program are agreed separately in each project.

Open Programs

We offer a series of programs in the fields of leadership, strategy, and transformational change for a wider audience of managers who seek to implement quality change in their companies. Study programs take place in an offline format in accordance with the stated design of a specific program.

Intellectual leisure

Short-term (1.5-2 hours) developing products in an online format. Aimed at illumination of the chosen topic through reflection on a film, book or work of art. Anyone interested can take part in the classes.