An unformed idea does not exist. A thought without action is a ghost. But acting without a definite plan is a waste of time.

According to research by HBR Analytics & EY Beacon Institute, 58% of companies that have informed, described and communicated business ideas show much better results than their peers at other levels (approximately more than 10% in all key indicators).

The capability to determine the direction of the company (vision), create a product design for key customers (mission) and build strategic alliances (strategy) remains crucial in shaping the long-term development of the company.

We have created a learning environment that helps to immerse yourself in the process of strategic thinking through offline interaction, as well as with methodological support online in the intermodule period.

Based on the own case, the participant masters the strategic principles and approaches for the formation of long-term development of the organization.


We work with:

  • formalization of the future desired state of the company,
  • defining customer roles and needs,
  • building an ecosystem (awareness of its role in the ecosystem) as a strategy for creating and communicating product value to certain customers,
  • creating a business model for the implementation of the strategic choice,
  • harmonization of criteria for determining the successful implementation of the chosen strategy.


For owners and top managers who are responsible for creating business ideas and attracting key people in order to implement a strategic plan.


  • The semantic core of the organization: vision, values, mission
  • System thinking
  • Customer value map: product creation and delivery system
  • Strategic marketing
  • Service creation system in organizations
  • Ecosystem as a strategy of key alliances in broader formats of interaction
  • Business modeling
  • Indicators of strategy success
  • The human dimension of the organization

Program format — interactive lectures, case studies, personal project development with methodological support from TransformWISE.


Understanding of the strategic thinking and key concepts process
Elaborated personal project, constructive criticism and assessment of its realism
Knowledge base — access to LMS (learning management system) during training and six months after project defense


Volodymyr Pavelko

Author of the program, teacher of the courses “Leadership”, “Strategy”, “Change”. Founder of TransformWISE. Member of the supervisory boards of international and Ukrainian companies. He has teaching experience at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (Ukraine), Leon Kozminski Academy (Poland, Belarus), Magellan Institute (France). Developed and implemented transformational change programs in public and private sector companies.

Among the clients with whom Volodymyr developed and implemented study programs and organizational change projects are companies such as ATB Corporation, Agromat, DTEK Academy, Gymnasium A +, PrivatBank, OTP Bank, Caparol Ukraine, This is Pivbar, Ardis Group and many others.

Eugene Bondarenko

Teacher of the courses “System HR”, “HR Analytics” and “People Analytics for Managers”. He has 17 years of experience in HR and developing of a systematic approach to people management in organizations.

He worked in large system companies (Interpipe, DTEK), where he created and implemented human management strategies from scratch.

He has developed the idea and the plan for the launch of the largest corporate university in Ukraine – DTEK Academy. He also headed it for over 6 years.

He currently holds the position of HR Director of the country’s largest media holding, Media Group Ukraine. Author of three business books, including the best book for managers according to the KBU Awards 2020 – “Successful Leader”.

His articles are published in the Leadership & Organization Development Journal.


Anastasia Vladychinskaya

Teacher of the course “Service Creation System”. Since 2005 she has been changing the level of service in Ukraine and Russia.

The only certified service consultant in Eastern Europe, a partner of The DiJulius Group, USA (clients: Starbucks, Lexus, The Ritz-Carlton, Domino’s Pizza, Hallmark).

In Ukraine he works with banks, IT companies, private clinics, restaurants and hotels. The main direction is the complex construction of the service system and work with existing customers instead of constantly searching for new ones. He has an MBA in Customer Experience and is a Certified Customer Experience Executive Academy (USA).


Alla Lipinska

Lecturer of the course “Strategic Marketing”. She has 15 years of experience in marketing and business development.

She specializes in developing of marketing strategies, brand management and building an effective marketing system.

For 7 years she is in the role of marketing director  – has developed the brand of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. She was also the head of kmbs marketing programs.

Prior to that, she was the Marketing Director of the Standard publishing house, the Editor-in-Chief of the New Marketing magazine, and a consultant for the Strategic Consulting Group.

She received the Effie Awards Ukraine award for effective marketing.


Mykola Latushkin

Teacher of the course “Talent Management”. MBA (IBR Institute for International Relations, Kassel University, Germany).

17 years of management experience in Ukrainian and international companies in the roles of HRD (Europroduct, Antoshka) and CEO (Emerald Auto Group (BMW, Porsche, Ford), IBR Business School).

Expert in the formation of personal trajectories of managers and the development of talents and strengths according to the Gallup methodology

Head of strategic projects for productivity development, people involvement and development of top management teams.

Vitaly Vereshchagin

Lecturer in the course “Strategic Finance”. CEO Caparol Ukraine, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine, graduate of the Executive MBA kmbs.

He has experience in financial management, supply chain and investment projects.

In 2016, he was included in the “Top Best CFOs” according to the Strategic Business Review.

Developed and implemented an innovative CapaTalks project to involve employees and partners in the company’s transformation process.



    • Duration:

    Four offline modules: three study modules of three days (10:00-18:00) + defence of the projects. Intermodular support via online LMS system.

    • Venue:

    Unit City, Київ

    • Price:

    65 000 UAH


    For more information about the program, please contact:

    Oksana Dautova

    +38 050 428 4468
    [email protected]