January 29, 2021

Hot January

The beginning of the year really seemed hot. We managed to continue the project of strategic transformation of Caparol Ukraine. Participated in the study program ” ProPM School of Construction Project Management ” with the author course of Volodymyr Pavelko “Strategic Change Management” and continued cooperation with Kozminski University.

We are moving forward in the creation of new intelligent products and launching of the first open strategic program from TransformWISE.

The Caparol brand belongs to the international concern DAW SE (Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke), which has a history of more than 125 years. In Ukraine, the brand is represented by a subsidiary of Caparol Ukraine and manufactured by CAPAROL DNIPRO LLC.

ProPM is a school of construction project management. Here, among professionals and experts, they study theory, practice and innovative technologies in construction project management.

Kozminski University according to the Financial Times is one of the best universities in Europe. For 17 years it has been ranked the first among private universities in educational rankings published by the Polish information portals Perspektywa, Rzeczpospolita, WPROST. The university is honored by the National Accreditation Committee for the professionalism of teaching such disciplines as management, public administration and law.