We are partners in strategic thinking for business owners who are consciously on the path of qualitative change and want to bring their organizations to the level of system management.

We use the “top-down” approach in the design of the company’s strategic architecture (Idea – Strategy – Business Model – Success Measurement Indicators) and the “bottom-up” approach – in order to involve a significant part of the company’s representatives in the transformation process.

System Diagnostics
  • We audit the managerial system on a strategic level
  • We bring an external perspective and form a clear picture of how your business system works with the help of casual loop diagrams
  • We develop recommendations for effective and efficient business operations
Strategic Choice
  • We create the environment to accelerate the way to the company’s purpose
  • We provide methodological support to develop and polish your vision
  • We accelerate the formulation of senses that the company values most highly
Value Proposition
  • We design value added chains for clients, customers, and consumers
  • We frame value development and value delivery processes for your company products and services
  • We generate the strategic blueprints of your value proposition to see the business picture with a wider lens
  • We determine the process of HOW to achieve the company vision, providing the right value to the right customers in cooperation with the right partners
  • We conceptualize essential collaboration between the players of the business ecosystem and organize the process of collaboration on different layers of the complex system
  • We strategize with a broad focus and identify concealed value nets in the business ecosystem to attain your customers goals
Business Modelling
  • We produce a “one page” strategic flow diagram of your company as a vivid organism
  • We fine tune the key aspects of the company’s production processes
  • We inform critical thinking related to the following questions: WHO, HOW, WHAT and FOR WHOM?
Strategic Priorities and Action Plan

We assist our customers:

  • to shape your strategic focus
  • to prioritize the key aspects of your action plan
  • to deliver your chosen strategy