October 17, 2022

Books «The Wide Lens» Help to Defend Ukraine

On September 28, the TransformWISE Intellectual Agency presented the Ukrainian edition of the book «The Wide Lens» by the American author Ron Adner. Together with you, we have created a strong management solution.

What is a «strong» solution? This is when the agent solves «N» problems and achieves the effect when 1+1>>2.

Consider an example of forming an asymmetric solution. In addition to TransformWISE organizing:

  • translation and publication of a rare book on business ecosystem strategies in the Ukrainian language for the management community of the country – for the first time in 30 years of discourse in the world about complex strategies;
  • management discussion and environment for networking of top managers of the private and public sector during the war – an opportunity to create non-obvious but decisive alliances;
  • and presented one copy of the book to each invited guest;
  • fundraising for the charity fund «Return Alive» for the purchase of a mobile surveillance complex – and in a few minutes 61,000 UAH have been fundraised.

If the TransformWISE agency had simply sold the books and sent all the proceeds to support the charity fund, then the arithmetic would have been as follows:

80 books х 250 UAH = 20 000 UAH

In our case – UAH 61,000 plus many more non-obvious advantages for the agency’s brand.

So, we would like to thank all the participants of the presentation of Ron Adner’s book «Wide Lens» who contributed to the assistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the «Return Alive» Foundation.

Video about a mobile surveillance – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb0i6tTY7ds

If you want to join:

The link for the donating: https://payment-page.solidgate.com/charity/Come%20Back%20Alive/dZNqJgD?traffic_source=TransformWISE

We thank our Armed Forces for our peace and the opportunity to create new senses for business!