April 14, 2022

New Management Decisions of FS Group during Hostilities

The Value Creation Company TransformWISE creates an environment for developing and making management decisions in a new context during hostilities.

This time we collaborated with the information security vendor FS Group.

Some open results of the discussion on this issue:

1. Although the field of cybersecurity in Ukraine today is quite hot, and the need for professionals is felt as never before, but the need to find new markets remains mega-urgent.

2. The experience of Ukrainian cyber-veterans is gaining new meaning in the world. In general, we see the real birth of the brand “Made in Ukraine”. We must not lose this chance, we must really prove our worth to the whole world, as our military did. And each value has its price, we have already paid a lot for it.

3. The company’s vision manifesto remains unchanged, but the existing business model when entering new markets needs to be transformed in terms of creating and communicating a value proposition. Customer roles also go through a process of customization: sometimes, a product provided in the local market is transformed into three different ones with a more detailed design according to customer needs. Thus, there is a transition to a new, more complex level of business management.

The economic front supports the military. No need to wait for “it’s over”.

“Create where You are.” © Eduard Akhramovych.

Liberation can be obtained, but freedom must be gained!


FS GROUP is the Ukrainian cybersecurity company of tomorrow: from prevention to prompt response and detection of cyber incidents. The company’s clients are large enterprises, government agencies and business companies in Ukraine and around the world.