April 26, 2021

Participants of the First Program “Strategic Choice of a Leader” Have Completed Their Studies

20 participants of the program “Strategic Choice of a Leader” completed study process and 65% of them made a voluntary act of transforming information into knowledge — presented in defense of strategic development projects of their own organizations.

So, congratulations to the defenders! The scale of your opinion deserves respect and further practical implementation:

  • Digitization Strategy of the National Police of Ukraine
  • Cyber ​​Protection Strategy for Critical Infrastructure of the Enterprises
  • Launch of the Ecosystem of Hydropower Production in Ukraine
  • Niche Player Strategy in the Flooring Ecosystem
  • Launch of a Niche Analytics Ecosystem in Ukraine with a Global Focus
  • Launch of a Platform to Bring together IT Developers
  • Creating Added Value in the Carriage Ecosystem
  • Hosting Provider Development Strategy
  • Development of a Platform for Support of the Services in the Holding
  • Managing of the the Added Value of the Niche Analytics Products with Big Data.