August 27, 2022

The First Book of the American Author Ron Adner in Ukrainian

Already in September, the first book of the American author Ron Adner, «The Wide Lens», will have been published.

This is the first book on business ecosystem strategies translated into Ukrainian in 30 years of discourse in the world. Now managers in Ukraine can get acquainted with strategic approaches to creating an ecosystem-as-a-structure through the design of added value (Value Added Chain & Value Blueprint) on the example of well-known companies.

«The Wide Lens» offers readers a guide to get to the bigger picture and expands critical thinking to find the possible problems and issues that can destroy the prospects of innovative products and services. If a wider lens had been used in conjunction with the creation many failed, but valuable innovations in the past, the world might be a quite a different place today». New York Journal of Books

The Ukrainian interpretation of the book was made by the TransformWISE team: Oksana Dautova, edited by Volodymyr Pavelko.

We are thankful to our partners Caparol Ukraine and the publishing house Laboratory for their contribution to the development of complex management strategies in Ukraine.

Already now there is an opportunity to make a preorder, following the link.


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