12 January 2023

Business development in the conditions of war

Volodymyr Pavelko, in an interview with journalists of the ZMIST publication, emphasized why top managers should think more broadly and reveal their consciousness. During the conversation, questions were revealed about changes in approaches to business strategy, opportunities opened up by the start of a large-scale war, and the concept of ecosystems in the business sphere.


“From Ukraine’s point of view, we have been living in these contexts and working with these ecosystem strategies for a long, long time. Without even realizing it. The question is how effective. This is the first moment. The second is that you can create your own ecosystems and manage them, and not just be unconsciously in other business ecosystems. Therefore, Poltava in particular has its own business ecosystems. The question is whether we are aware of who we are, what role we play: do we create them, or do we enter the existing business ecosystem. Neither the first nor the second is correct. The right thing is to be aware of and choose your own position,” – Volodymyr Pavelko.

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