September 12, 2020

Start of the Program “Territory of Own “Self”

With the methodological support of the Value Creation Company TransformWISE, the Leadership Capital Development Program “Territory of Your Own “Self” for Teachers of the Academy of Modern Education A + was launched. The co-owner of the Value Creation Company TransformWISE Volodymyr Pavelko became the author and one of the key lecturers in the program. Volodymyr Borodyanskyi, Ihor Kozlovskyi, Volodymyr Morenets, Taras Lyutyi, Olga Balashova and others also were teaching in the program.

“The Territory of Own “Self” is a six-module educational product designed to create an environment for the development of leadership capital of the a Teacher, a leader for the Architects of the future — our children.

This program is about conscious choice and “efforts in time” to build and implement the educator’s own style of thinking. This is a program about the Man-Creator of his/her own destiny, the Man-Building space for the development of others, the Man-Actor, able to take responsibility for the result.

For 3.5 months of the program, participants were seeking answers to the question of what territory of their “Self” they are exploring and what process of this “Self” they are modeling. With the results of personal searches, participants are defending the project at the end of the study program.

Academy of Modern Education A + is a cultural and educational complex of generation Z. Educates creative and progressive youth of Ukraine.