October 1-2, 2021

Strategic Session for Avtotrans Group of Companies

On October 1-2, in Poltava, the Value Creation Company TransformWISE held a regular strategic session for the Avtotrans group of companies. The session was moderated by Volodymyr Pavelko.

The previous session, which formed the company’s development strategy, was held last year. According to this strategy, the Avtotrans team rebranded its gas stations and successfully implemented additional services for its customers: sales of home-made food and local products, installed self-service car washes, tunnel car washes and much more. The company has also set standards for the construction of its gas stations, improved the customer service quality standards and sales range standards. A mobile application was launched with the opportunity to earn a discount on fuel and get additional nice “chips”. Communicating with your customers in a game-accessible form through mobile applications promotes a loyal attitude to the company’s services, and also allows the regional brand to provide service, at least on a national scale.

This year, the company’s top executives were working on a new product, an innovative platform that integrates digital marketplace services in the areas of car service, insurance, health and safety. This platform will be implemented by integrating with strong regional partner brands to increase the customer base, expand services, and the presence of the brand 24/7 in the digital space.

During the strategic session, a new product vision, customer understanding, value added chain, business model and business ecosystem of the platform were created. The company’s leaders have planned strategic initiatives that would move to the implementation stage of the strategic plan in the short term.

Avtotrans Group of Companies has been providing consumers with oil products and liquefied gas in the regions of Ukraine for over 20 years.