December 7-8, 2021

Launch of a Transformation Project at Atmosphere

On December 7-8, the Value Creation Company TransformWISE started the first part of the strategic session for Atmosphere, the Ukrainian leader in the distribution of equipment and solutions in the field of renewable energy since 2003. The purpose of cooperation is to create conditions for a qualitative leap in the management of the company.

On the first day, the participants of the session together with Volodymyr Pavelko were considering international and Ukrainian cases on sports, retail, production and financial services. The team was set to work with transformational methodology: super-goal, strategic plan, ecosystem-as-a-structure concept. Important work was carried out on the semantic integration of all participants in the process for further work with their own cases and the development of strategic models.

On the second day of the session, participants moved from theory to practice:

  • created a vision manifesto for their company and moved on to work with a strategic plan, which provided an understanding of the basic principles and strategic structure of the company as a whole;
  • came to understand the product, identified three types of key consumers and described value propositions for each of them;
  • homework to analyze key risks throughout the value added chain.

In the future, the team will look for the key to ecosystem management and develop an interaction strategy.

After the first block of the session, the owner of Atmosphere, Oleksiy Badika, noted the importance of the key team’s participation in the transformation process. Top managers noted the work with senses, understanding mental traps and expanding the horizons of strategy.

Atmosphere is a leader in the distribution of equipment and energy efficient solutions in the field of renewable energy in Ukraine.