April 1-5, 2022

Strategic Concept at War Time: Practices from the Company TACT

Thinking about the future creates the present. Therefore, the Value Creation Company TransformWISE continues to support our  clients even during conditions of  martial law. From April 1 to 5, Volodymyr Pavelko held  online meetings with Volodymyr Oleynik, the owner of LLC TACT in order to rethink the strategic choice of the company in the new and tough context. The managers of the company have come to the following conclusions.


The world has changed dramatically and created new challenges for business resulting in:

1. A deficiency of metallurgical capacities in Ukraine and in the world.

2. An unprecedented increase in prices of procurement and rental.

3. A radical change of logistics routes.

4. A reduction of inventories with the improbability of replenishment in the short term perspective.

5. The unlikelihood of replenishment of specific  profile sizes and steel grades.

6. A transition of Ukrainian producers to European steel standards.

7. A significant reduction in consumption of metal products in Ukraine.


Regardless of the perceived challenges, the company has left their pre-war vision unchanged: «Experts in the production of rolled metal and finished products with a high added value.»


In the new conditions, the path to the future of the desired state – the company’s mission – has been rethought:

– existing customer roles and the products produced for them may remain relevant for some time;

– strategic priorities have shifted towards own production, creation of metal products with a high added value and the search for new markets;

– clearly defined areas and products that the company will not deal with.

The economic front is supported by the military. Together we will defeat the enemy!

LLC TAKT — is a leader in the production and sale of rolled products of structural and tool steel grades for various areas of mechanical engineering. Representative offices of the company are located in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Melitopol.