September 29, 2022

Strategies for Joint Victory

On September 28, the event «Strategies of Joint Victory» was held in Kyiv, dedicated to the release of the Ukrainian edition of the book by one of the key strategists of the 21st century, Ron Adner, «A Wide Lens. A New Innovation Strategy». A video message from the author of the book, who expressed his support for Ukraine, was a pleasant surprise for the participants of the event. This was followed by a managerial discussion on the phenomenon of business ecosystems and complex strategies in the contemporary world.

Panelists Volodymyr Pavelko (TransformWISE), Inesa Kravchenko (Stan Invest Holding), Vitaly Vereshchagin (Caparol Ukraine), Dmytro Osyka (DTEK) talked about value creation, management of semantic risks and the birth of new alliances that may not be obvious at first glance. This was followed by a QA session with invited guests.У

Among the hundreds of guests, there were heads of the public sector and law enforcement agencies, who participate in the formation of values and, together with private business, oppose russian aggression and create new meaningful alliances.

As a part of the event, a charity event was held, where all the collected money was transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the «Come Back Alive» charity fund.

The Ukrainian translation of this book is a vivid example of the ecosystem created thanks to the partnership of the TransformWISE agency, the Caparol Ukraine company, and the Laboratory publishing house.