October 13, 2021

Study Program for OTP Bank Managers

Volodymyr Pavelko’s author program WELCOME TO THE LEADERSHIP CLUB took place on October 8-9.

For two days, program participants were working with the study cases in the fields of art, sports, history and business, combining the theory and practice of leadership models and creating customer value.

Volodymyr presented the following basic concepts to the heads of OTP Bank:

  • transformational leadership — four elements: semantic motivation, role model, intellectual stimulation and individual approach
  • product management over time — a map of customer value
  • system behavior during changes — management approaches

The program for OTP Bank was based on the principles of creating a learning environment in which participants had the opportunity to develop critical thinking through the “whole” of an imaginary company, where they shared management categories “client-customer-consumer” and understood the necessary interaction to meet the needs of consumers.

OTP Bank — OTP BANK Joint Stock Company — one of the largest domestic banks, a recognized leader in the financial sector of Ukraine. It has been present on the Ukrainian market since 1998 and has a strong reputation as a socially responsible, reliable and stable structure that offers consumers European quality services.