April 29, 2021

TransformWISE Is an Intellectual Partner of DTEK Academy

Volodymyr Pavelko conducted a study program for DTEK Academy Executive MBA participants. During the interaction, participants analyzed the phenomenon of transformational leadership through four synergetic elements:

  • Inspirational motivation — the ability to create and articulate an ambitious Vision, to maintain a positive position on the way to its implementation.
  • Idealized influence — the realization of the Vision through the personal example of the Leader, creating a role model for followers.
  • Intellectual stimulation – creating an environment for generating ideas and their environmental communication.
  • Individual approach — the ability to identify the characteristics of each team member and create appropriate conditions for his / her development.

“Leadership in Uncertainty” is a course designed specifically for the architects of DTEK’s Executive MBA program for top executives with the goal of personal development of leadership potential and ability to implement the company’s strategy.

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