March 10, 2021

TransformWISE is an Intellectual Partner of the Caparol Ukraine Discussion

Volodymyr Pavelko moderated the management discussion at Capatalks. The conversation was dedicated to the launch of a joint innovative solution on the Ukrainian market by Serhiy Voitsekhovsky, a co-founder of the KOLO retail chain and restaurateur Dima Borysov.

During the discussion, the managers were filling the categories “idea”, “customer value creation”, “strategy”, “business modeling”, “success indicators” with senses.

The discussion was attended not only by managers and customers of Caparol Ukraine, but also representatives of DAW in other countries (Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia and others).

Capatalks is a platform for management discussions aimed at expanding horizons, created by Vitaly Vereshchagin, CEO of Caparol Ukraine, a subsidiary of the German concern DAW.

TransformWISE is supporting the development and implementation of a transformation strategy in Caparol Ukraine for a long time.