April 21, 2022

TransformWISE about Creative Business in the Field of Executive Education in New Conditions

TransformWISE continues to make decisions on the strategic front. This time, we asked ourselves questions to understand how our business, working in the field of Executive Education and the practice of implementing management decisions, live in new conditions.

Some thoughts on creative business in wartime:

1. MEANINGFUL VOLUNTEERING. Almost all Ukrainians help their homeland in the fight against the enemy, many have changed their specialization “to victory”, the rest find opportunities to support the Armed Forces in their place. The apt slogan “Create where you are” from TransformWISE client, owner and general producer of the ARTNation group of companies, Eduard Akhramovych, aptly describes the meaning of our company’s actions today. In addition to the monthly financial assistance to the military through the Return Alive Foundation / Oleg Karpenko, which we launched before the war, TransformWISE accelerates the rethinking of customers’ business models in the new environment. We do what we do best and help bring our victory closer.

2. STRATEGY IN A NEW CONTEXT. We are aware that our products are not a priority in Ukraine now. Yes, context matters and management decisions are made in it. Although we received a pre-order for a study product from a well-known company in Ukraine this month, we understand that this is the exception rather than the rule today. We are working to create added value for existing TransformWISE friends and are looking to make efforts in new markets. We already had a successful experience on the American continent last year, so it is worth continuing. Our military brilliantly debunked the myth of the “inferiority complex”, now it’s up to the rest of the Ukrainians.

3. IMPLEMENTATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROJECTS. We did not abandon the idea of ​​publishing the first Ukrainian translation of Ron Adner’s book on business ecosystems in Ukraine, The Wide Lens. Yes, the war disrupted our schedule and routine, but it could not stop us from moving toward our goal. The book will definitely be published, we are working on it together with the team of Anton Martynov’s Laboratory.

We remain true to our overarching goal, we move on in a new context, because “why should we win when there is no educated nation”? / W. Churchill