November 8, 2023

Management Discussion at the Poltava Business Association

Volodymyr Pavelko, together with the «Sententsia» Discussion Club, made a discussion with the entrepreneurs and managers of the Poltava Business Association.

At this meeting, the participants were trying to find the answers to the question «Why a carefully planned strategy, competent management and breakthrough innovations do not guarantee success?»

The main theses of the event:

  1. Strategic leadership. The role of Ukraine in reformatting the world;
  2. Complex systems thinking. Metaphysics as a necessary approach in 3rd generation strategies;
  3. Choosing a role in business ecosystems: dictate the rules of the game or adapt

The was also a presentation of Ron Adner’s book “The Wide Lens. A New Strategy for Innovation”, the proceeds from the sale of which were transferred to the volunteer organization «Poltava Battalion of Those Who Care».

Poltava Business Association (PBA) is the first open association of business owners and managers for development. PBA unites the business of Poltava.

Discussion club «Sententsia»  is a community of people who create events for enlightenment.

The Poltava Battalion of Those Who Care is a volunteer organization of the Poltava Region that operates at the Holy Assumption Cathedral of the UOC KP in the city of Poltava.