August 8, 2022

Launching the Process of Strategic Thinking for the Company «Aurora»

On August 6-7, a study program on strategic thinking began for representatives of the Aurora company, the all-Ukrainian chain of stores Aurora Multimarket. Volodymyr Pavelko, the founder of the TransformWISE agency, was in the role of a thinking partner.

The first day of the program was planned for the top managers of the company and the supervisory board, which also includes representatives of the investment company Horizon Capital. During this time, the participants were working with management cases of creating added value, considered strategies for managing broader systems than just business.

On the second day, the Aurora company plunged into the «as is» context. The team was analyzing the value proposition, worked with customer roles and made the first drafts of the company’s vision manifesto for the next 5 years.

Thus, during the first meeting, the Aurora company launched a study of strategic processes in its context and laid the foundation for the future strategic decisions.


Aurora Multimarket is a powerful market player and the leader in terms of the number of retail outlets among Ukrainian discounters specializing in the sale of non-food products. The brand continues to increase awareness, the number of stores is confidently approaching 1000, the assortment is deepening and expanding. The company emphasizes the availability of unique, original or trendy products in its assortment. «Aurora» keeps prices low and offers visitors not only socially important goods, but also something more, something for the soul.