November 1, 2022

The Release of Ron Adner’s Second Book Winning the Right Game: How to Disrupt, Defend and Deliver in a Changing World in Ukrainian

Despite the wartime context, TransformWISE continues to publish books, offering a new way of strategic thinking for the development of Ukrainian business.

Already in November, we are waiting for the second book of the American author Ron Adner WINNING THE RIGHT GAME: HOW TO DISRUPT, DEFEND AND DELIVER IN A CHANGING WORLD in the Ukrainian version.

The author offers breakthrough strategic ideas, supporting them with convincing examples:

  • how an ecosystem protection strategy saved Wayfair and Spotify from being crushed by such giants as Amazon and Apple?
  • how Oprah Winfrey changed industry boundaries to go from TV anchor to multimedia mogul?
  • how the shift to an alignment mindset allowed Microsoft to resurge?

Each of these stories is based on a new approach to competitors, partners and time.

For today’s leaders, the difference between success and failure is no longer just about winning, but the confidence that you can hold your own in a changing world.

We art thankful to our partners ATMOSFERA and the publishing house Laboratoria for their contribution to the development of ecosystem strategies in Ukraine.


About the author

Ron Adner is a professor of strategy at the Dartmouth College School of Business and a speaker and a consultant to the companies around the world. For the past ten years, he has been studying the root causes of innovation success and failure. Published in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes and Harvard Business Review.

Already now there is an opportunity to apply for sale via the link.


ATMOSFERA – a distributor of technologies and equipment for renewable energy. This is an international group of companies operating in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and China. TM ATMOSFERA equipment is successfully used for power supply of hospitals, kindergartens, hostels, hotels, private and commercial facilities.

Laboratoria — it is a platform created for the synthesis of modern and relevant ideas and meanings. Meaning, comfort and design are the philosophy of work at the “Laboratoria”. The company’s global goal is to create a platform that brings people together to create a modern cultural product. Books are an extremely important area of the company’s activity, but not the only one. In a few years, it is planned to significantly expand the cultural range of the Laboratoria.